Boat Fishing
Benalmadena Malaga

Charter fishing boats open to everyone.
Enjoy a wonderful day of sport fishing, whether if you have experience or not.

We provide you all the fishing equipment required during the trip.

Choose from one of our boats for your special boat fishing trip.

We offer boats with and without navigation license. You can also hire the services of a skipper who will take you to the best places for fishing.

No sailing license requiredSailing license is required

Would you like to go fishing with us?

Boat fishing trip

Rent a boat for recreational fishing

We offer you to rent one of our boats and go fishing with friends, family or if you prefer on your own.

Enjoy a day of recreational fishing sailing in waters of the Mediterranean Sea. We will be happy to advise and assist you at all times.

If you wish, you can also rent the boat with a skipper to steer the course.

And best of all, it can end up being a great day of fishing and you can bring back a wide variety of fish.

The Benalmadena Coast is perfect for sport fishing, due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean; it’s the migratory passage of numerous species and also the climate, which is an important factor, allows you to enjoy recreational fishing on boat almost all year round.

Choose from our best boats

Charter a boat without a license

These boats do not require a license.

You must be of legal age.

If you wish to sail on your own and have no previous experience, don’t worry. We will give you a quick introduction where you will learn the basics and you can start sailing.

Rent a boat without a license

Rent a boat with license

These boats require a license / sailing license.

You must be of legal age.

We can also offer boats with more horsepower, for experienced people looking to meet their needs.

Rent a boat with license

Drive your
own boat

Boats are readily available for hire (hourly rate)

If you are thinking about spend a day angling, the best thing you can do is rent a boat for a few hours, or if you prefer, full day.

Extra Services

Don’t have fishing equipment?
We can provide you with the equipment necessary for you to spend the day fishing on boat.

Book your boat

Choose between a licensed or unlicensed boat, a date and time to make your reservation.

No sailing license requiredSailing license is required