Boat Rental Benalmadena


Boat rental and private excursions in Benalmadena – Malaga

We have brand new boats for rent with or without sailing license. Come and visit Benalmadena Port and rent our boats per hours. All our boats are equipped with everything you need. We also offer a wide range of accessories with which you can practice various activities. You can rent one of our sailboats along with some of the nautical equipment we offer.

We have sailboats ready for hire per hours. (With or without sailing license options are available)

Boat Rental Without License – Voraz 450

From: 70.00 VAT included

And now... We give you a free hour! Charter from two hours and get one more hour for free! Voraz 450 - 5-seater new boat, does…

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Boat Rental Without License – Voraz 500

From: 80.00 VAT included

And now... We give you a free hour! Charter from two hours and get one more hour for free! Voraz 500 – an six-seater new boat…

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Boat Rental Without License – Voraz 505

From: 80.00 VAT included

And now... We give you a free hour! Charter from two hours and get one more hour for free! Voraz 505 – an six-seater new boat…

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SeaDoo gti Rental Jet Ski

From: 120.00 VAT included

SeaDoo gti – 2-seater jet ski that needs a license. Length: 1 hour (minimum) 1 Hour 120 € 2 Hours 200 € Fuel is included in…

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We want to suggest you some fresh ideas about what kind of things you can do in Malaga, where to go and see.

Show me what you got!

Pilot your own boat

Recreational Boats

Don´t miss a view of the spectacular Mediterranean Sea landscapes. Enjoy the beautiful sun, sailign away along the coast. Rent one of our boats and spend a nice journey with your friends and family. Come and visit beautiful beach coves and hidden places all over Benalmaneda coast and its surroundings.

Do you want to be Skipper for a day? WE HAVE THE PERFECT PLAN FOR YOU!

Take aboat ride and watch the Malaga Coast

Have you ever thought about having some time free for yourself? This is the perfect time to do it. Come and rent one of our boats! Left behind the bustle of the city. Give yourself some quiality time.

Taking a bath in the sea could be a interesting option

A good swim in these clear waters, will make you feel real fullness of the Mediterranean Sea.

Boat Fishing sounds like a good plan!

Rent one of our boats and fishing in open sea is a whole experience itself. If its your first time, this is your chance to do it with all the necessary measures to ensure your security. We havell all what you need to have a nice day.

Sounds good, right?

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Drift away and just relax

We take you on a wonderful boat ride

Rent your boat and enjoy a private tour!

We invite you to discover Costa del Sol in Malaga. We propose you a private boat ride on one of our four boats at your disposal, where you can spend a lovely evening with your significant other, family or friends.

Ask to the Skipper to take a port or starboard in the direction you prefer. Ask him to take full control over the ride and just sit back, and relax.

Along the boat ride, we will watch Malaga bays and coasts. Let’s enjoy the beauty of the sea and its tranquility, away from the shore.

We can stop at the beach and take a bath too. With some luck, we will see dolphins and other cetaceans.

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Our boats

Quick-Silver – is an six-seater boat. You can nagivate it with a proper license.

Voraz 450 – an five-seater and one children boat. You can rent it with or without navigation licence, even if you don’t have previous experience before.

Voraz 500 – an six-seater and two children boat. Licence or previous experience is not required.

Do you want to learn how to fish?

We will teach you!

If you enjoy fishing or perhaps you are learning the basics, we will be guiding you the whole way through. You will learn the basic foundations and some classic tricks too.

Come fish with us! It’s such a good exerience!

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