About Rent Boat Malaga

Who we are

We are a local company specializing in licensed and unlicensed boats rental. You can also hire the services of a specialized skipper. We offer boats and accessories for water activities and enjoy the sea.

What do we offer?

We have different licensed and unlicensed boats and we offer you the possibility to steer the course you want to take, putting in your hands one of our boats. And if you prefer, we also give you the option of renting the boat with the services of a skipper.

Enjoy the sea, spending journey fishing with family and friends, swimming in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea or practicing water activities and having fun.

You can make your booking, calling us via phone or through our website.

We offer a close and personal treatment to each client; we will help you in whatever you need during the whole procedure and assist you in the process of choosing of the most suitable boat for your plans.

Where to find us?

We are in Puerto Marina; Benalmadena Marina. Calle La Fragata, berth 697, 29630 Benalmadena, Malaga.

Contact us

If you have further inquiries, please fill out the contact form or call us,

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No sailing license requiredSailing license is required